Writueps killed:

  • Grape Flavored Fuck Monkeys by White Delirium: The author believes that one should scream obscene gibberish in public. He provides a phrase for us to scream. He has the courage of his convictions: Most of the writeup is very difficult to interpret, though it's not really obscene except for the title. He may be right about the screaming, but I would have appreciated an attempt to explain the reasoning behind it. I informed him of his loss. He took it well.

  • chili dogs by ojnk (never seen on E2): "Like hot dogs, only they have chili on them, too. Most often served in cesspools, perhaps by the Cambodian Police." Rep -2 before I voted on it. If you're going to node a plural, you should try to do better. If all you know about something is that you hate it, put it in a day log. There's another node which covers the subject in much greater detail.

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale by hype (never seen on E2): "the daily dose.", no links. The nodeshell is as informative now as it was with the writeup. hype's other writeups are a bit skimpy, but worth keeping.

  • STDOUT (never seen on E2)

    • Pete's Wicked Ale: "Yummy...". If the stuff exists, and is sold, somebody must like it. If that's the case, I am not informed by a writeup which tells me merely that somebody, somewhere, at some time, liked it. I already knew that, just from pure unaided reason alone. More detail, please. This and the fine brew above are now nodeshells, and it's a shame. I'd really like to see good writeups on them. They're not my favorites, but they deserve better than this. If anybody knows of a language that has an all-caps "STDOUT" defined, please let me know. The only stdouts I know of are in C and awk, both are lower-case, and both languages are case-sensitive.

    • fucking thing: "what the fuck is that fucking thing?" No comment.

    • thats bogus: "Thats bogus is what I said when I saw that fucking thing." This was a goner anyway, but the lack of apostrophes made killing it much easier and more fun.

    • smot: "Rhymes with snot."

    • goo: "Does not rhyme with shoe. Actually it does. So what am I talking about? Goo is a song by Sonic Youth." The Sonic Youth angle is covered in detail by another writeup in the same node. The rest is worthless.

    • poke: "a prod. To poke is to smoke. Smoke Pot. Poke smot." The first two words are unclear; is it a noun or a verb? Webster 1913 explains it better.

    • good singer: "Good singers are hard to find." True, but not a definition.

    • canadian-communists: "I miss Ginger Spice. But Scary Spice is my gurl." A witless response to the other writeup in the node, which is also witless, but well-enough executed to be spared.

    • Ginger Spice: He seems to approve.

    Three of STDOUT's four remaining writeups are a bit iffy, but I let them live: Vincent Gallo, snot, and vacuum.

Nodeshells to be removed: Grape Flavored Fuck Monkeys, chili dogs, thats bogus, good singer