Once in a while you'll run into a node that you don't like at all. Your personality and that of another noder may get along like Batman and the Joker, or the Oasis brothers.

If you don't like a writeup, you can vote it down. It's your right and privilege, and in the long run it keeps Everything worth reading. But give some serious thought to that minus button before you punch it. Have you got a gripe with a noder? Do you have a beef with his/her politics, religion, or social life? How much does that actually have to do with the quality of the writeup? Try to let your votes reflect the content and not the person, and when in doubt save that vote for finding something cool to upvote.

In the same vein, there's no point in creating an abusive nodeshell about anyone. That tends to say more about the person who created the nodeshell than the target.

Node for the Ages is good advice, but a casual scan of Everything shows that many (most?) of us take a turn once in a while to write something silly, or personal, or just plain weird that you just can't relate to. Fortunately, Everything is big enough that there's room for stories about drug trips, personal loss, philosophical meanderings, and original poetry. This is unlimited intuition territory here. Let's respect everyone's freedom to write what they think's important, and keep our politics or personalities out of it.

It's just a database. There are more important things to worry about.

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