I sense . . . a disturbance . . . in the gel . . .

  • what should i node today? by Schemer: "I have no Idea." You can do better. I notified the user. Stuff like this is killed without warning because we don't want to waste our time dealing with it. Just don't do it. You won't get a chance to negotiate.

  • stuff by justin.warren (fled): "That which is Stuff(tm) is always something, but something is not always Stuff(tm)." Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

  • useless by sonuvbob (long gone): "Something without a use. Like me. Join THE CULT, it's useful." Emphasis mine.

  • flava by cherub (long gone): "Why am I opposed to gun control? Because I like flava. Flava is what makes things interesting." Umm, yeah. I ran this up the flagpole in the chatterbox, and everybody pretty much mooned it.

Nodeshells that Make Darth Vader Cry:

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