Here are all the ways I know of removing curses in Nethack and Slash'Em. Many of these tips were taken from Some of them will not uncurse the item, but will free you from being stuck to it.

  1. Read a scroll of remove curse. If the scroll itself is cursed, this will do you no good. An uncursed scroll will remove curses on your worn and wielded items, and on any loadstones in your inventory. A blessed scroll will uncurse all cursed items in your main inventory (note that this will not work on cursed items in bags).

  2. Dip a cursed object into a potion of holy water. This requires one potion per object or stack of objects to be uncursed. Uncursed or cursed water can be blessed (made into holy water) by being dropped on a coaligned altar and prayed over, assuming you are in good standing with your god. You can also make more holy water out of many uncursed potions of water by dipping them, in a stack, into a single potion of holy water. Uncursed potions of water can be made by diluting other potions.

  3. Dip a cursed object into a fountain. There is a 2/15 chance that the item will be uncursed with the message "The water glows for a moment". Metal items might rust, and you may attract water demons or water nymphs, so be careful.

  4. Pray. Your deity treats cursed blindfolds and levitation items as a major problem, and other cursed wielded or worn items (plus loadstones and luckstones) as a minor problem. If your alignment and luck are good enough, all these items will be uncursed. Also, a "light blue aura" surrounding you after a prayer will uncurse all cursed objects in your main inventory, as per a blessed scroll of remove curse; however, this effect cannot be guaranteed.

  5. Zap a wand or spell of cancellation at the object. If possible, drop it first before zapping it; otherwise (i.e., it's welded to your body), drop all magical items, including enchanted and/or blessed armor and weapons, and zap yourself (direction .). Failing to remove magical items from inventory before cancelling yourself can result in the unpleasant effects of loss of armor/weapon enchantment, blanking of scrolls and spellbooks, changing of magical potions into uncursed water or fruit juice, etc.

  6. Cast a spell of remove curse. If you're at least skilled in the appropriate spell school, it will have the same effect as a blessed scroll. Otherwise, it will have the same effect as an uncursed scroll.

  7. If the cursed object is armour or a weapon, enchant it.

  8. If the cursed object is armour and you don't mind losing it, take off all other armour and read a noncursed scroll of destroy armour.

  9. If the cursed object is armour, let an incubus or succubus remove it.

  10. If the cursed object is causing you to levitate, float over a sink. You will crash to the floor, and the item will be removed, although it will remain cursed.

  11. If the cursed object is a chargeable ring, charge it up until it explodes. This is probably a waste of scrolls of charging. In Slash'EM, you may be able to pay a shopkeeper to charge the ring for you.

  12. If the cursed object is armour or a weapon, polymorph into something that can't wear armour or wield weapons.

  13. Drop everything else and let a nymph steal the cursed items.

  14. Loadstones only: drop everything but the loadstone, a wand of digging and your armour, enter a shop, pick up something in the shop, and dig through the floor. The shopkeeper will grab your backpack.

  15. Step on a magic trap. There is a 1/20 chance of this acting like an uncursed scroll of remove curse. Be careful, because the most common effect of a magic trap is to blind you and summon monsters.

  16. If the cursed object is a ring, a blast of lightning may cause it to explode, but may also explode useful rings and wands.

  17. High-level spellcasting monsters can destroy armour if you're not magic resistant, in the order cloak, suit, shirt, helmet, gloves, boots, shield, but watch out for their other spells such as touch of death.

  18. Dip the cursed item into a potion of polymorph.

  19. In Slash'Em, pay a shopkeeper to uncurse the item. The cost is no more than 250 GP. If your Charisma is low, ensure that the item is marked as cursed in your inventory, because otherwise the shopkeeper may cheat you by not uncursing it.

  20. In Slash'Em 6E4F8, dipping a cursed worn or wielded item into a potion of gain level will remove/unwield it. However, this is a bug and has been fixed in the development version.