Basil, chamomile, and Lily.

Magickal suggestions for breaking hexes:

First of all, try some divination to see if any hex has been cast on you, or if you're just unlucky. If you think you might just be unlucky, try something in the suggestions in herbs for good luck; if those aren't working or you feel you HAVE been hexed (and furthermore, even have some idea who did it and why), try this.

Use basil in your coffeemaker to create a solution for your bathwater. Submerge yourself within the protective waters and imagine that the outside influence cannot get you while underneath the water. While holding your breath under the water, think to yourself, "when I emerge from this water, I will be cleansed. Nothing can touch me; all negativity is repelled from this moment on." Then exhale into the water, throwing the last bit of the outside world that was inside you out. Wait for a moment under the water, letting positivity permeate you, and then emerge and cleanse yourself in the normal fashion.


Cast a circle. If you don't know how to do this or don't wish to, just put white or light blue candles at four corners around you (preferably at the north, east, south, and west corners), and sit within. Imagine a line of energy starting from the candle in front of you and inching all around the circle until you're inside an unbroken circle, and then have it extend up and down until you are in a bubble. (This is essentially the same as casting a circle.) Now take some chamomile tea and sit within your circle, meditating as you drink. Begin to try to feel where the hex is, around you or inside, and draw it out. Put it in front of you, contemplating it, and then banish it with your dominant hand or an appropriate tool. Sit in your circle and drink the tea, and create a protective aura around yourself. As an added precaution, protect the doors of your home and carry a protective charm to keep the hex from returning.

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