noun. (Climber lingo) The act of taking a large fall, while leading on less than vertical rock, that results in sliding down the rock and usually causes abrasions to the knees and/or hands and elbows. Almost always highly laughable. Also happens to the best, on occasion.

See Also: Sky's Favorite Lingo
A kitchen utensil that is used to grate and slice cheese, although I use mine mostly on ginger to good effect. The standard model consists of a sheet of stamped stainless steel connected to a supporting frame. One half of the sheet contains several small holes that are finely spaced with a raised lip on one side.. The other half contains a fewer, larger holes. The middle of the sheet contains a narrow slot with a sharpened blade.

Sliding your cheese over the holes will produce small chunks of cheese suitable for a pizza or salad. Sliding your cheese over the slot will produce slices that are suitable for crackers. If you want to make a grilled cheese sandwich, I'd recommend using a knife to cut the cheese.

Rubbing a cheese grater over your skin is not the best way to get rid of tattoos, but it's one of the cheapest.

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