From, Friday, August 25, 2000...

Man attempts to sever his testicles
With claw hammer in cruiser

SHERWOOD PARK, Alta.(CP) -- Police were trying to figure out Friday why a 46-year-old Edmonton man tried to amputate his testicles in the back of a police car.

RCMP say the incident occurred after they stopped a man who was walking along Highway 16, east of Edmonton, in blood-spattered shorts.

Police said they talked the man into getting into the back of the police car, but as he was being interviewed, he pulled a knife and a claw hammer from his jacket pocket and began slashing his testicles.

Police used pepper spray on the man when he refused to drop the weapons.

Kelly Sanderson, an RCMP special constable, said the man was taken to an Edmonton hospital where he underwent surgery.

She said police have not found a motive for the man's actions.

"We don't know anything at this point," she said.

Everything is giving people ideas! We must shut it down at once! Even though he used a knife and a claw hammer instead of scissors, and he probably has never visited this website, let alone this node, it is clear that the citizens of Canada are slowly being corrupted by this abomination of a website. We must protect our children from this threat, lest they be tempted to amputate their own testicles or the testicles of others, be it with scissors, knife, claw hammer, cheese grater, carrot peeler, high-speed blender, gas-powered string trimmer, cordless drill, meat grinder, or any other of the hundreds of other household tools and appliance that they might have access to.

It's up to us to make a difference!

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