I would like to spin a wonderful yarn about the origins of the claw hammer. In my rocker surrounded by grandchildren sitting on the floor... BUT, I don't have grandchildren. I'm too young. So anyhow. The claw hammer was invented in Rome, by Romans. Why? Because the Romans invented iron nails.

The modern claw hammer is called an adze-eye hammer. It was invented in 1840 by an American blacksmith. It takes its design from the adze.

You probably don't care what possessed me to write a node about a claw hammer. I'm going to tell you anyhow. I'm playing with one and I feel like smashing things with it. I thought before I destroyed things I'd learn about them.

You can learn about the claw hammer and other tools at this website: http://www.nytimes.com/books/first/r/rybczynski-turn.html. I did.

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