While reading Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need, i was blessed with the following revelation:

Almost anything whatsoever can be made infinitely funnier by the inclusion of some variation on the words "There are NUNS watching us!"

I could speak here about the inherent qualities of nuns that make this dictum possible, but overanalysation kills it. Just trust me: it works. Example?


Joe: Hey, freshman, i think there's a rat loose in my afro, and it's really kind of starting to itch.. could you help me for a second?
Random Freshman Girl: But there are nuns watching us!

While the above example is not particularly funny, it is certainly funnier than it would have been without the reference to nuns. Thus proving the power of the phrase-- it even works on stupid things, kind of! For example, it is the only known possible non-monosyllabic response to the words "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?".

After reading all this you probably think i'm on crack, but mark my words: someday you will realize the utter truth of what i am saying. SOMEDAY!

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