To raise something without any physical agency. One of the supposed powers of advanced spirituality. Levitation might consist of sitting a foot above the ground. Some fakirs in India claimed the power to levitate. In those days India had a shortage of Amazing Randis.

There was once a guy in Florida who it was said could levitate rocks onto the back of a flatbed truck. That feat was blamed on power points. I woke up with one of those crop circles in my hair once.

Lev"i*tate (?), v. i. [L. levitas, -atis, lightness. See Levity.]

To rise, or tend to rise, as if lighter than the surrounding medium; to become buoyant; -- opposed to gravitate.

Sir. J. Herschel.


© Webster 1913.

Lev"i*tate, v. i. Spiritualism

To make buoyant; to cause to float in the air; as, to levitate a table.



© Webster 1913.

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