I've got severe ear fatigue. I started work this evening on a punk version of the Thompson Twins' "Hold Me Now." I'm not sure yet how I feel about it; I may need to re-record the guitars because I'm not sure that they're bright enough with respect to the drums, and the arrangement is a little weak. Maybe when I finish the vocals (with help from my roommates in the "whoa-oh-oh" bits), I'll add some nifty guitar and synth fills. We'll see.

I realized the state of my hearing when I popped in the Ozma CD, "Rock & Roll Part III" and it sounded flat and dull. It just came in the mail today, but I've heard the MP3s before, and even without EQ they don't sound like this. Oh well; this too shall pass. Ozma is a truly bitchin band, by the way. I saw them play with Weezer in March, and they rocked my world (and their keyboardist is cute, if a bit young for me). So I ordered their CD. It rocks my world, too. Go Ozma. I especially like "Apple Trees" and "Domino Effect." Sure it's the usual teen angst stuff, but it's a bit more intelligent and infectiously melodic.

My pictures from spring break also came back today. Nothing exciting, so don't get your hopes up. Just the circus. And a friend's balls. In CVS. What's even better is that I had it developed at a (different) CVS. I wonder if they noticed the CVS-brand mouthwash in the background of the picture... hmpf.

Mood: Angsty, but tired.
Music: Ozma, "If I Only Had a Heart"
Drink: Water
Tin roof: Rusted