If E2 had an Obituary Log, then I think that's where I would add this writeup, even though no one has died.

I found out yesterday that my brother and his girlfriend had broken up. They had been going out for four or five years. He had been cheating on her.

I'd only met her a dozen or so times, sometimes just chance encounters at the mall. She was quite pretty, very tall and almost anorexically thin. She was shyly quiet, but not in an intimidated sense, and this made her seem quite graceful and elegant, but not confidently so. I remember the first time I met her, she had more hairspray in her hair than I've ever known anyone else to have.

The last three times I saw her were at my grandmother's funeral, when she brought over baby gifts for my new son, and at Christmas.

My grandmother's funeral was small. The ceremony was short, attended only by family and a few friends. Afterwards we drove for two hours to the cemetery, which was overrun with thyme and wild strawberries. It smelled lovely. My brother was very upset; his girlfriend was a huge and unyielding support to him.

She had grown up. She had long stopped using so much hairspray and just looked simple and clean. She still wasn't confident -- she never wanted to be photographed -- but there was a soft reliability to her. She was thoughtful and gracious; she brought over many presents for my new son and she didn't mind how messy our house was, neglected because of our new interest.

Christmas was the last time I saw her, and though I'll likely see her in the mall from time to time, I feel like I've lost someone close. I will miss her at Christmastime, and I hope that she finds someone who does love her.