It was the way your eyes glittered as you sat on my bedroom floor. It was the way that you bettered ones before, with ice eyes and the way they looked up at me from my bedroom floor. You wouldn't know it, but I think you're achingly beautiful.

It was the way you tied me in knots with vague gestures and half-promises.

It was the way your skin shone like snow in the moonlight (or lamppost light) as your eyes drank me in. We rode together, your hand clenching mine for solace, but it was the way your shoulder pressed against mine that made me love you.

Remember when you bought that dress, the one you're wearing today? I bought a hat that you laughed at, but it was the way your laughter soothed as well as made days lighter that made me forgive myself for its ugliness.

It might stay sunny all day, but it will be the way that you look at me, forgiving, when you get home, that will make me stay here.

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