This is certainly not directed at the Everything2 users, it is rather the temperamental reply of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United's legendary manager, when asked by journalists about Juan Sebastian Veron's disappointing season in the English Premier League.

This all took place on May 6, 2002.

Here's the full sweary transcript of the conversation....

Reporter: "You said you felt there was a certain arrogance in the way Arsenal were saying they'd already won the title?"

Fergie: "I'm not getting involved in that because you just want a f***ing story as usual. I'm not getting involved in that. Your f***ing stuff is a disgrace to journalism and you are. The stuff you f***ing come out with...."

Reporter: "What?"

Fergie: "You're always going on about this club. Always."

Reporter: "It's our job to cover this club."

Fergie: "Och, you're a joke."

Reporter: "Name one story...."

Fergie: "Listen, you've been going on about f***ing Veron. You tell me what's wrong with Veron."

Reporter: "We're not the only ones."

Fergie: "You are, you're the worst."

Reporter: "Veron just hasn't played very well."

Fergie: "Well, I think he has. What's this thing about fights and all the rest of this s***?"

Reporter: "So we can't talk about individual players? Will Veron play on Wednesday?"

Fergie: "I've no picked the team yet."

Reporter: "What about allegations he had a bust-up, is not going to play again and is going home?"

Fergie: "That's been answered."

Reporter: "The fans would be interested in what you have to say."

Fergie: "It's absolute nonsense, you know it's nonsense. Absolute lies. I can't believe you write these things. Anyway, that's finished. On you go."

Reporter: "You wouldn't talk generally about Veron...."

Fergie: "On you go. I'm no f***ing talking to you. He's a f***ing great player. Yous are all f***ing idiots."

Very funny ;)
The transcript is taken from the pages of, and that site's unwillingness towards the use of the words fuck and shit is the reason for the censorship and ***'s. It's a fun site about football (soccer) though.

T-shirts are available with yous are all f***ing idiots and a picture of Alex Ferguson printed on it. But I'm no advertising agency, so you'll have to find those yourselves.

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