Klaproth says I ate your writeup I think, maybe, somewhere. I forgot how. I'm not sure why.. this would be appropriate as a daylog but really has not enough meaning or sense as a selfcontained node. Node Heaven will become its new residence.

Sometimes in our wildest dreams we take and steal and make new things. I had a dream, and to this day, I can’t quite feel, or believe it’s real. Tonight I might, just maybe try, to buy or trade a miniscule thing. A thing to take and smell and touch, a thing to make the mud run soft. Today, I might, just maybe to think, perhaps to dream, perhaps… I think. To think? To dream. To believe, I feel. I think, just maybe, oh well – not clear.

Today I think that something has happened. An unimaginable fashion, a driving passion. Strangled thoughts and an acidic taste in my mouth has left me with something forcing me south. South of the stars, of the moon of the sun. A galaxy merged with another, and what fun.

In my dreams I traveled time. I crossed the sun and moon and stars. I flew ten thousand light years away and watched the Earth, not like it is today. Did you know that telescopes work as time machines? It takes light a year a light-year away to reach Earth. All we see in the sky are how things once were – if I were to look at the Earth with a mighty telescope from so far away, maybe I could see a new face, not living today. I could watch the might dinosaurs roam, or even watch the fall of Rome.

Today I thought, just maybe – something strange. To taste and feel the words of the deranged. Deranged not only in thought but in heart and mind. My soul and my body, including my behind. Thrust away, moving slowly, fast enough to get past me.

Perhaps I think, maybe, somehow I could if I would but I don’t know why. I think if I did I wouldn’t cry, maybe somehow I might just die.

Maybe somehow.

I think.

Too slow.

I don’t know where to go.

Around, behind, above, below.

Thoughts and sound are one big blow.