After a vague and fuzzy sequence of events, which I can't remember clearly enough to reproduce, I found myself walking through a desolate sandy plane. It appeared to be the remnant of a rain-forest, or at least that's what I thought. Everywhere I looked I saw sand and huge tree stumps, about three metres wide. They all looked gray and withered, or perhaps I should say corroded as the wood looked like time and rain had washed out all colour. There weren't any logs around, it was just a desolated sandy plane covered with tree stumps. The sandy grounds made it all look a bit out of place somehow.

I decided to examine one of the tree stumps. It was clearly cut down with a chainsaw, as the top of the stump had a clear flat cut with some splinters sticking out of it on one side. The lumbering must have been done decades, or perhaps ages ago. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the roots that stuck out of the ground. It almost seemed as if I was looking a charcoal drawing crafted with minute detail. I was standing in front of the stump when suddenly something in my left peripheral visual field caught my attention. I saw a green leaf, flashing or waving, it looked like an oak leaf. It was almost as if it was some sort of icon instead of a real leaf. What struck me was not its appearance but its colour, it was green! It was the only thing around that was green.

I looked down and on my left I saw a package stuffed into a pocket or a hole in the ground underneath one of roots sticking out of the sand. It was a loosely wrapped up package of some kind of banana-plant leaves with bloodstains on it. I was reaching for it when I realized that it was a meat stash of a bear, and if I would touch it it would come after me. I sensed the bear being close, and approaching me. I was taken over by fear, and I wanted to run away. Then I realized that I was dreaming, and since I was dreaming, nothing could really hurt me. I felt that the bear had something important to say to me. I decided not to run away and wait for the bear...

Unfortunately the alarm clock went off and I woke up. I resent not opening the package afterwards, but maybe if I'll come across that place once more I will.

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