Having been sent to interview the family with 100+ cats in their house, I jumped the back fence and headed towards the house.

Walking across the backyard, I found it amusing to make the "psssssssst" noise that cats hate so much. I watched them scatter and remember thinking how 'they will be back to wee on my bed (in revenge) later'. There was allot of cats. Being let inside, through the back door by a scowling woman (she had seen me annoying the cats - I assume she is the 'mum' of the house), I go into the main room.

This is a very open room. One of the kitchen/kids/family type rooms. It has a vinyl floor, but has a number of kids carpets thrown around (the type with car tracks printed on them) and a large couch. The room is darkish, and is strangely devoid of cats. I assume it is the 'father' sitting on the couch.

Whilst waiting for the reporting crew to turn up (it turns out I am a neighbour), I begin playing with a kids toy the father had been playing with. It is a spherical toy, with 2 halves. inside one half is a number of 'pieces' that are obviously meant to fit together. This toy fascinates me, and I turn it over and over trying to put the pieces together in the correct order. All the while I even let a cat or two walk across the back of the couch near me (I seem to be _reallY_ hating cats in this dream).

It was at this stage I woke up, but I have been trying to finish the spherical puzzle in my mind all morning so far.. and even though I KNOW it can't be done, I feel strangely compelled to play with it.

I am really wondering what's stressing me at the moment!