Lucid Space-Time Travel

  • Back in high school, back in French class with Madame Newlon's hugs. The classroom is where my chemistry class was, with Steffany and Sara. Steffany has just returned from her year in France and she arrives on a day the school has to take a special test. I hear Hillary Clinton is on campus. The test/survey takes a while but afterwards, Steffany has brought a treat for us: various flavors of preserves from France. We go outside into the Ag field and, with the help of Ethan (DuWitt) and some other hippy, she serves samples in little plastics cups. Yum.

    After school, Steffany and I are walking around campus talking. I see Hillary Clinton and she looks like she's out of her mind, babbling and stumbling. She seems adamant about not revealing some tapes (about her husband, I think), but with a little convinving, she forks them over. We don't listen to them. Remembering that she left something in the classroom, Steffany and I walk to the door that faces the Ag building. She's afraid the building will be locked and, sure enough, when she pulls on the handle, it is shut fast. I become lucid. I tell her I'll open it. I walk to the door and gently pull it open. Steff is a little stunned but nothing compared to her next reaction. We walk into the classroom and it seems we've time-traveled backwards a few hours to when we were taking the test. We are invisible to the students and are able to watch our past-selves filling in scantrons. Steffany bends over herself and reads her own test, pointing out a mistake. She is amazed and mystified at this miracle of temporal translation. Presently, we leave the building. I decide on a change of dream-scene.

    I run towards the Ag building and leap over it. I'm now flying through the streets of New York city. I attempt to transform it into my Dad's childhood Brooklyn but can't do it, not having a clear enough image of what that should look like. Instead I land and enter a hotel. I see slot machines and realize I'm in Las Vegas now. I get the idea of winning big. I then see a $20 million jackpot video slot. There's a small line of people which I join. The slot costs $1 which I realize I only have a quarter of. I look down and find 75 cents on the casino carpet. When it's my turn, I drop the coins in and look away, concentrating. I look back to see flashing lights and sirens going off. I back away as casino officials descend. I walk over to a bar a few feet away but they are closing. The next one has hard cider in a can so I get one. When the bartender asks to see my id, I realize I don't have any. I pull my UCSC id out and lay it on the bar, concentrating. He never even looks at it.

    I'm on the balcony of my hotel room looking down towards the front of the hotel (which looks like the King David in Jersusalem) and call some delivery service downstairs to request something I don't remember. The lady says they have too many calls already and no one is available to make a delivery. I tell her that she should do it, and she protests. I leap off the balcony and fly down to the office, pick up whatever I need, and fly back.

    Escaping the hotel, I'm on a speed boat zooming down a narrow channel with buildings on both sides. A larger speedboat catches up with me. They are agents from the casino and are suspicious of my miraculous winning. I give them another miracle: a huge bolt of lightning strikes right in front of them. I get off the boat and enter the dark, deserted office building on my left. Reminiscent of the deserted city in Devil's Advocate and World Out of Time. Dream ends.