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  • a woman's hand waving. was she drowning?

  • not nearly enough time
  • Dreamt that there was a plague in my house; all 40 of my housemates (plus my girlfriend) died. Very much like The Stand, because it turned out everybody else died, too.
    I ended up flying a fighter jet, shooting missiles at the now abandoned cities.
    Once again I do not remember much plot, mainly images.

    This dream took place in a very large building that was a mall, an arcade, a hotel, and who knows what else. I was playing games.. I wanted two nickels, so I put a dime into the change machine. But for some reason, the change machine gave me handfuls of nickels from just one dime!

    During the beginning of the dream, I was hanging out, doing stuff with friends. Midway through I was alone, meaning I ditched them, but I don't know how.

    One shortcut that I repeatedly used to nagivate throughout this huge place was through two businesses and their huge walk in safes. Halfway through the dream these safes were locked and I had to find another way to get around.

    In the swimming pool, a certain female friend of mine kept taking my hand and holding it. This is strange because (outside the dream world) I believe her to be avoiding me.

    I found the coolest drink. This guy made the coolest versions of lemonaide, coke, and sprite. They tasted 100 times better than the original. I bought a 6 pack of lemonaide. A female relative of mine (a cross between my aunt and my half-sister) asked for one of the lemonaides.. I gave it to her. Later she asked for another one (my second to last one.) I wanted to tell her no but I decided to give it to her because she was providing my room and board.

    I met Brian. Brian was my next-door neighbor about 5 or 6 years ago, when I was about 12 and he was about 6.

    I forgot to go to work because I was so busy exploring the place. Luckily my friend was working (I used to work with him outside the dream world), and he said it was ok if I didn't come in.

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