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  • George Stipick as Frank Sinatra, tapdancing maniacally. Singing "I've Got a Ne-e-eat Dad" and beating the bad guy by wearing the right boots.

  • starring D'Arcy

  • bad guy "now do you get gayed"

  • pistons piledrivers

  • Jeffra made a cd and I cooed over it feelinglessly

  • the weather is nice, I walked forever
  • I'm hiking/walking through a muddy-street town full of trees. It's like the real townless places i hitched thru in Alaska, but it's obviously that same Northern dreamscape that I have walked and driven through in other dreams.
    there's something weirdly cartographic about this place. in the dream at hand, as in other dreams, i seem to have a point of view that is simultaneously that of a bird flying high overhead, perceiving the lay of the land and the tracks of the roads, and the view as me on the ground, earthbound in the town, on the street, wherever.
    I am carrying a bundle, so I must be hitchhiking/walking. i am going a long ways. I have the red jacket that I owned years ago. a guy falls in with me; he's walking too. I am leery of being seen as a mark, an easy touch for cash: he looks like a street person. I don't want to be seen as just a walking handout. So in response to his questions about who I am and where I'm going, I make things out to be a bit rougher than they are. He peels off to the left, into an ugly urban apartment building in the trees with sketchy looking cars in the parking lot, to see a friend and get something before he continues on the trip.
    I continue through this small town in the wilderness. I stop at a shop to get sunglasses, which I lost my pair in the waking world, and have had trouble finding a new pair, and the shop looks more like one of those "safe and sane" fireworks stands you see around the fourth of july. I go to the end of the stand and ask the guy in that section for sunglasses with polarized glass lenses. He tries on a few pairs for me--they are all really fancy, asymmetrical, folding, or tiny--good for elton john maybe. At one point, he pulls out a lorngette--I try it, but it is not even polarized. This guy has no idea what he's doing.
    I wish he'd hurry. The homeless guy might walk along any minute, and see me trying on fancy sunglasses. They are so hard to see through--I can hear my brain in the background of the dream trying to manufacture the view, pump the pixels, and I drift awake.

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