Saturday, 18:08

Today I dedicated home-server day.

Since the ADSL 512K connection went in on Thursday, our little home network has been in a state of shock, with no means for simultaneous connection to the glorious internet possible for all our silicon-based lifeforms. So, today was the day to master ipchains and IP masquerading to allow everyone online again. From 8am through 4pm I was kinda suffering with galaga (our home-server) unhappy at the prospect of masquerading for tonto, badtz, oliver, fruitbat, and evilsupergenius, but by 4:30 we were all up and happy, after the addition of eth1 (duh...). tonto and oliver are happily wireless again, and those bastards at Telstra can fondle my salty chocolate balls.

/me misses sensei.