OK, so I haven't written a daylog in maybe two weeks. The habit stopped when some really bad work vibes started, and my days were consumed with said vibes. Having chosen a not-so-anonymous handle for E2, and having made a decision to not be the anonymous guy, it felt really quite scary to daylog my weirder-and-weirder days.

The days are still weird, but I understand what is happening, and am trying to be awfully grown up about assuring me and my family's happiness. Anyway, enough of that.

Since my last daylog, I turned 34 years old, which has actually been pretty cool. Never been one for the big birthday bash, this last one was no exception (Gemma made me dinner at home and I got loads of spoiling). I do feel more grown up though, more than 33. I got a really great Swiss watch in stainless steel with the most minimal face from Gemma, and a few cards and flowers. I liked it

E2 has become a good friend, I understand the ebbs and flows better, have made some nice friends and met one or two kindred spirits. I've found a mothernode of content to upload over the past two days, as my Y2K Tokyo vacation is fast approaching so I've grabbed all my travel notes for Palm V-ing and that has inspired me into a noding frenzy.

Sensei (bless him) has been very patient with me, bugging him night and day. I'm a little worried about him though. I hope he gets a hug today.

Molly has also been sick, poor little thing. Got a rough guts from eating garbage which is her forth favourite thing (after sniffing, sleeping, and eating). Made her some organic chicken bits in a little olive oil for dinner, and she is feeling better. When Gemma was in her coma some years ago, Molly was my best possible friend, and I told her I'll forever be in her debt. It's still as true as it was then. She's such a good dog.

I was saddened when those folks added their names to I quit. I think DMan is a loon, but I can't help liking him a whole lot. I saw him sneak in to E2 a couple of times today, and /msg'd him a cheery hello, but haven't heard back. I hope he does come back, and I think he should be made an editor. DMan needs a hug. Lometa was nice to me, had a ball with eclip5e, and dragoon was a tolerant, if somewhat bemused friend.