My ex-wife and I were in what appears to be a dressing-room. She is putting on makeup. We are talking about our relationship and she basically says how she is not really all that interested in our relationship anymore.

I plead and plead. Right there, I write her a letter, talking about all of the great things we have together. I am crying. I feel desperate inside.

She takes the letter and crumples it up. She says she doesn't care.

Fade away...

Analysis: This didn't happen once, but many times in real life (no not the exact details). And not just with her, but with ex-girlfriends before her. I should have seen the signs of her caring being less than my love. This is a sign of low self esteem somewhere inside myself--I don't care about myself enough to get out of a relationship where the other person isn't devoted to me. I think I'm learning, slowly.