Brigham Young lead the young Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints through several of its most difficult trials and created the foundation for a religion that would become one of the fastest growing today.

After serving with the Church's first Prophet and founder, Joseph Smith, during the creation of the Church as one of the first Apostles, when a mob martyred Brother Joseph in Carthage Jail Brigham was faced with his first two challenges. The goal of the mob was to destroy the Mormon religion by removing its leader. Brigham and the other Apostles worked to keep the Zion together during this difficult time. The second challenge was to decide on how the Church should be lead after losing Joseph. Brigham played a major role in convincing the Saints to follow the Apostles. This struggle would lead to the creation of The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

While some aspects of Mormon history are debatable, the members of the Church definitely endured a great deal of persecution in the US. Brigham Young would lead the members away from this ordeal to a "promised land" in the West. Brigham helped to arrange and transport thousands of Saints across the United States to the Great Salt Lake Valley.

Once in Utah, Brigham was named the second Prophet of the Church and lead it to colonize parts of Utah, Idaho and many other future western states, as well as Mexico and Canada. Under his leadership the Saints created a garden in the desert and a firm foundation for the Church.