I am going on the assumption that there is a God, to whom I will refer in the masculine; further, that He created earth for us, and is a parent to us, wanting our own good. I am also assuming that Brigham Young and his successors are right, and that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not a fraud. If you want, I will make nodes to tell why I feel these assumptions are justified, but I will not justify them here.

Why would God, who loves us and wants us to return to Him, put us in bodies that continually entice us to sin, and to fall short of the glory of God? If God is not a liar, he wants us to be perfect and without sin. I must reject the idea that God's enemy put in us our fallen nature, our proclivity to sin. That would indicate that Satan could outdo God, and can do whatever he wants with God's creation. If this were so, why was he(Satan) unable to get Jesus to worship him? No, our fallen nature comes from God.

Is God unjust, then? Did He rig the game against us? Does he enjoy watching His children fail? Is He looking for a way to get His children (the whole human race) out of His life forever? Not likely. If so, why bother sending a redeemer? Why bother with the repentance thing, or commandments, or the earth?

No, there must be something in it for us. We are here to learn, if we accept the LDS cannon of scripture, to learn to become as He is. What do we learn from having a fallen nature, from having our bodies be inherently enemies to God? Just this: we learn to control our bodies, or we learn to let our bodies control us. Everything else we need to know to be just as God is, we could learn from him, including QED and how to be a sysadmin. But learning to control our bodies is a skill that is only gained through practice. And what happens if we let our bodies control us? We cease to grow toward Godhood. Our development is halted. We don't reach our potential as children of God. In short, we are damned.

Yes, I am a mormon, so this node assumes that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. If you are not of that view, I'm sorry. If this node offends you, I'm sorry. But I will not change my beliefs or opinions in order not to offend. I hope that you won't, either.

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