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I declare myself the E2 King of Boxing!

I'm an extremely boring fat white guy. I live in the suburbs of Cincinnati in a house in a subdivision. The house two spots up from me is very similar to my own. I like to eat at "sit down" chain restaraunts. I occasionally visit a local eatery but walk away not that impressed and annoyed with the price. I sometimes find myself to be ridiculously content. I suffer from enough social anxiety to stop me from going to concerts, but not from working. I never do anything fanatically. I play computer games constantly, though rarely finish them. I have a long term project of creating a Civilization style computer game. This has added the bonus boring factor of constantly reading books on history and war. As noted above, I like to watch men punch each other in the face. I don't actually have any interst in physical activity myself, but do find it mildly motivating. I thoroughly enjoy comedy, and even like to theorize about it, but I am rarely the "funny guy" at a party. I've even begun the set up to some kind of joke but don't know how to finish it...

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