A bumper sticker that indicates a fair amount of disregard on the part of the driver for the health, safety, and well-being of those that don't share his particular end-times theology. Some popular exponents of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine take an unseemly degree of pleasure in describing the carnage that will ensue when unmanned cars go out of control on the freeway, and airliners with Christian flight crews plummet out of the sky.

It's probably best to stay several car lengths behind such a person on general principle.

If it is indeed the case that "in case of rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned," then those who believe that there will be a rapture, and they will be swept up in it, well they ought not be driving at all because of the danger this poses to other drivers. If someone were due to be raptured but, in their last moments, were inconsiderately endangering the lives of other by getting behind the wheel of a multi-thousand pound vehicle, it stands to reason that this reckless potential violation of thou shalt not kill would be enough to get them right off the rapture list. Same goes triple for truckers and a hundred-fold for airline pilots.

In light of this problem, and in recognition of the fact that even the holiest believers need to get from place to place, the pro-rapture community should support a program of heathen chauffeurs. Not only will this save lives, but it will create jobs, and give the rapturees more time to focus on prayer, instead of disrupting thoughts of mercy and forgiveness with bouts of road rage. Then the bumper sticker could be amended to say "in case of rapture, the passenger compartment of this vehicle will be unmanned."

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