When I start a new picture, it's like learning to act all over again. May be it's because I know that my screen image doesn't at all represent me, my real me, the way I feel, the way I act and talk. It's something very much apart from my personality, this being a dumb sexy blonde. I'm neither dumb, nor any prettier than any other woman. But they don't think I can act, so I'm stuck playing the sextress. That's my own word, I coined it myself. I'm not an actress, I'm a sextress ! And it's really awful.
Marilyn Monroe, Sun and Mercury in Gemini

In astro-speak, Mercury is dignified in Gemini. This means Mercury is at its happiest here in Gemini. Mercury is best in the realm of the mind and Gemini needs, craves information. Which is why one of the signs Mercury rules is Gemini.

These people frequently come across to others as being scatter-brained. They're not, really; it's just that they have so many interests, and can store so much information, they sometimes have a hard time communicating coherently. Have some patience - you can learn a lot from these people.

Logic is more important to these people than intuition. Feelings matter less to them than cold, hard facts. In fact, they frequently come across as cold and heartless. It should be remembered that Mercury is a neutral sign, and that very neutrality is most obvious in Gemini's. As with the other air signs, Gemini's and people with Mercury in Gemini are usually very open-minded. They don't become attached to any one point of view for very long. They are flexible and and fluid, just like the element quicksilver.

These people are fast learners. But their curiosity tends to make them surface learners. They usually know a great deal about a wide variety of subjects, but they are also restless and don't often dig deeper into any one subject. It takes time for them to mature, to grow into, their enormous intellectual capacity. In the meantime, don't challenge them in Trivial Pursuits - you'll lose!

People born with Mercury in Gemini are funny, witty, engaging speakers. They are usually excellent writers and enjoy playing with words. They have fun with their vast resevoir of knowledge and tend to attract people to them for that reason.

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