Candle's father, the green wizard king appeared. We hit it off immediately and joked around before settling down to a game of chess. Kings Play Chess on Fine Green Sand, a mnemonic for species classification in Biology. We were about to play another round of merge chess, in which we would rediscover the secrets embedded in Biology by Candle. Her own father was like unto a King of Oz, the ruler of any forest he chose, as well as all beaches... espcially green beaches, where the forest runs right up to the sand, with waves from Teardrop's tribe crashing ashore. The green wizard was naturally in Eden's tribe, a wizened but respectful elder.

His wife was his natural mate, from the tribe of Teardrop. She could always make him cry, like a blue and touching wizard queen. I was putty in their hands, one might say. Like the gloves that fit their shared hands. Tools for the greater preservation of natural beauty, when mountains, oceans, forests, and storms meet. Swirling around a game of chess. The eye of the hurricane.

The green wizard king and I chuckled. Another private joke. Candle wanted to kick us both but felt comforted. It was a relief. We decided to make new rules together. The chaos of nature swirling like a galaxy around their shared vision. It would be cool, warm, hot, cold. The green wizard king's top advisor gave him a glass of water. "You misunderstand us, my dear," he said, "but no matter, we play on." Nature plus the order of the universe produced a beautiful symmetric chaos. More than a palindrome, it was multidimensionally spherical. A gift from Teardrop after all.

I made a gambit to marry the wrong person. The green wizard king countered with his most trusted princess. "Ha!" he said. Fate considered. The universe watched them, for once, the center of the green hurricane, the eye of tranquility. It was the immortal game of chess, the evergreen game. A game to make sure I was mated, with Candle's permission of course. Candle winked at the both of us. We needed a broader audience. We spoke of my father and granted him strength and long life. I winked at myself, and the rest of us. It was the immortal game after all. We managed to unify genetic engineering with nanotechnology.

We wished for the continued health of the gray wizard, a physics Ph.D., my father. He grinned at us, knowingly. The green king decided to merge with his opponents and become all the more natural, more powerful, greater in growth, like tendrils of life.