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One day, someone stumbled on the secret of human nature, it spread like ice-nine, and I married Candle... we'll have that universal party and many more someday.
Boneless chicken, gyoza, salad or steamed vegetables, small soda, $5.49.
angels find pleasure in work when God is on vacation
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target. In other words, to have exactly what you want, want exactly what you have.
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Year of the Ox
City of Emeralds

The calmer life beyond -
(No, I don't really have a daughter. It's just a concept drawing - perhaps someday.)

Thanks to Dreamvirus for my first C! since one-dimensional. Story of my life... sigh...

In any event, the races appear to be settling down except for the mortals - Electric Rock Ring is now tied with Wise but Fallible for first again, with Candles of Snow again in third. Meanwhile, Shield of Soup has fallen back as is no longer the third hindsight. Two horses are tied for the third passion as Thankful Guilt has pulled up to Electric Rock Ring.

Top of the morning to you race fans. No change among the leaders if any of our races today. The Father has fallen back and is now tied for third with dollarization among the mortals. Scavenger Creations has pulled ahead of Freedom from Dichotomies to become the thrid balance. Baptism of Fire has pulled in as the second hindsight, as Rainbow Vale and Shield of Soup are now tied for third. And finally, Odyssey's Mime has become the second passion, while Crown of Stone has maneuvered into third.

Greetings again race fans! Charge! In the "Mortal" race, newcomer Crown of Stone has edged out The Father for second. In the Balance race, Meme Stacking stands alone at second after the other horses fell behind. Tied for third are now Ironic Scavenger Hunt and Freedom from Dichotomies. Meanwhile, the "Hindsight" race shows True Games has fallen to second behind Freedom from Dichotomies! And finally, in the Passion race, True Games widens its lead as Donut Web pushes Stars for the Children aside for second... Stay tuned!

Just the facts, race fans! -
The "Mortal" race: The Father has edged out Stars for the Children for second!
The Balance race: Three horses are now tied for second with Meme Stacking! Freedom from Dichotomies has dropped to fifth!
The "Hindsight" race: True Games has snatched the lead, while Rainbow Valleys has dropped out to fourth!
The Passion race: True Games has also snatched the lead here as well, leaving Stars for the Children and Donut Web in the dust!

Hello again, race fans! Do we have exciting news for you today! Rocketing into first place in the Balance race is Jedi Tennis. Ice-Nine has fallen to second, and Freedom from Dichotomies has pulled ahead into third. In the "hindsight" race, Freedom from Dichotomies leads both Baptism of Fire and Rainbow Valleys. Meanwhile, in the passion race, Stars for the Children maintains the lead over The Gods Must Be Crazy, but newcomer Donut Web has pulled into second. We bite our nails ;)

Candle, may I have this next dance? In other news:
In the passion race: Stars for the Children has pulled ahead of The Gods Must Be Crazy! Rainbow Vale remains in third. In the "mortal" race: The Father has pulled out of the pack of three to become the first beyond those equals. The Vision Race remains unchanged.

In the "hindsight" race:
-1 Baptism of Fire
+1 Barefoot Among Thorns and Freedom from Dichotomies
+2 Rainbow Valleys

In the Balance race, Ice-Nine is in the lead, with three horses tied for second, among them Loaded Question, and five tied for third, including two passionless horses who refuse to run.

Thanks to Candle for giving me an education just by blowing my nose. Horserace updates, in the passion race:
38 Coca-Cola bottling
32 For the Children
26 Rainbow Vale

In the "mortal" race:
13 Idolatry
10 For the Children
8 Three horses are tied for third.

Thanks to StrawberryFrog for a C! tha reminds me the gods really must be crazy.
In other news, dollarization is gaining on Vatican II for second in the non-C! universe, while The Truman Show is now second in the C!ed universe. Three horses are tied for second in The Third Realm.

Thanks to Candle for keeping my memory "intact" (and many other things as well ;)

Candle say her first words in the catbox today. She was cute =)
I really don't think that's fair = at -10 has garnered more votes from the other side than even Do we really take Jesus and his Gospel seriously? at -7.
In other news, networked administration has joined bug as a passionless node.

As of today, the following are my most passion generating nodes:
24 Coca-Cola and Guatemala
24 gold standard
23 Intellectual property is theft
23 Sanctuary, defiant nuns, and an underground railroad
21 The Truman Show
00 bug is currently my only passionless node.

Stavr0 says C!ed The Truman Show just to screwup your homenode stats ;-)
Thanks to Stavr0 for lifting it out of the rat race to join the rest of my C!ed nodes as a junior member. Idolatry is back at number one, the crowd goes wild!

My second nodeshell challenge, (((((o))))) (softlinked to timequake), is utterly destroyed by old Kal.

My memory has been sucked down a black hole. Find the star for me. Please? Thanks SlackinWhileSleepin.

Thanks to Gritchka for my first /msg and historical fact-checking.

Thanks to Jet-Poop for my first ever C!

GCS d@ s: a-(a+++) C++ US P++ L E W+++ N+ o? K? w++$ O-- M- V? PS+++@ PE--@ Y+ PGP-(--) t@ 5? X !tv b+ DI++ D G e+++ h r@ y+

One of my personal favorite nuked nodes:
Free Will, Bugs, Lessons, The Year of the Snake, and Einstein (person) rep: -1

The following is a computer program used to create free will in computer animated characters - I dreamed it up while talking to my girlfriend while riding in the van driving here:

int freewill = 0;
while (!freewill)

Adventures While Voting Up Bookmarks

(Nodes I would C! if I could. Nodes that would stand out even from amongst the other nodes I would C!)

Highest rep encountered:
36 on 2001-05-14 fondue's May 12, 2001
34 on 2001-04-29 prole's interview with god
33 on 2001-04-27 ymelup's the best dialogue during a sword fight
32 on 2001-04-27 Saige's question about infinite monkeys, copyright, and patents

Lowest rep encountered:
6 on 2001-05-13 ZamZ's Sandinistas
5 on 2001-12-14 hamster bong's final moments lost to what should have been
4 on 2001-09-25 mat catastrophe's CNN Town Meeting on Iraq at Ohio State
4 on 2001-11-08 windigo's Letting My Cat Outta the Bag
3 on 2002-01-08 enth's similarities between cellular automata and the universe
2 on 2002-01-04 The Oolong Man's redistribution of wealth
1 on 2001-04-27 elwoodblues's Schrodinger's Cat
-1 on 2002-01-07 flamingweasel's infinite possibilities

(idea) by elwoodblues { marked for destruction } Reputation: -3 Wed Jan 24 2001 at 19:01 utc

A perfect example of how incredibly ridiculous scientific theory can sometimes get.

The thesis of the experiment basically states that the cat is both alive and dead until the box is opened. When the box is opened and the cat is observed, then the cat makes up it's mind what the hell it is and 'collapses' into that state, alive or dead.

Sounds pretty silly. That's because it is.

Yes, according to current theory it is perfectly plausible, and even makes a certain kind of sense. That only goes to show how incomplete the current quantum physics theory is. It's not indicative of some 'weirdness' in the Universe. The Universe isn't weird; under some circumstances it might look that way, but the Universe simply is.

Phlogiston chemistry sounded pretty weird, too. It was also wrong.

When something is silly, don't be afraid to say so, no matter how many 'respected scientists' say it's not. much for diversity of thought...