Socialist medical doctor Salvador Allende nearly wins the Chilean presidency in 1958 and 1964, despite the CIA's FUD campaign. (For instance, it was claimed that Allende would send all children to the USSR to be indoctrinated.) He is popularly elected in 1970. The US fears a "good example" will be set by preservation of civil liberties under a Marxist president, and sets about, in Nixon's words, to "make the economy scream." Meanwhile, Dr. Allende embarks on such radical programs as (gasp!) distributing milk to impoverished children. The Commander of the Army in Latin America's oldest democracy, Rene Scheider, refuses to stage a coup and is assassinated because the CIA disagrees with "the apolitical, constitutional-oriented inertia of the Chilean military." Even with the pressure applied by the US, Allende is solidly backed by the people in parliamentary elections in 1973. Seeing that Allende cannot be impeached by US-backed opposition parties, the CIA gives the go-ahead for a military coup. Pinochet is thrust into power, beginning a reign of terror that would nearly last two decades before the restoration of democracy. And Margaret Thatcher is behind him because of the aid given to the UK in the war over the Falklands. Nevermind that thousands were tortured and killed -- he's a friend of the UK!