The man woke up every day to a beautiful view of the ocean. He kissed his wife and strolled to the center of the island for some fresh water and fruit.
Afterward, he would prepare his small craft for fishing. For the remainder of the morning, he would catch his family's daily meals, which his wife would then cook over a blazing fire that he created.
The afternoons he would spend with his son, teaching him the things he knew how to teach. They would play ball together under the clear afternoon sky. The nights he spent with his wife, walking the shore of their little paradise, unconcerned with the rigors of the outside world.

One day, a visitor came to the island and remarked on the lifestyle of the family. He told the man he should catch more than just enough fish to live. He should catch enough so that he could sell the left-over in the market.
"Why would I do that?" asked the man.
"To make money of course," came the reply.
"What then?" asked the man.
The visitor went on to say that the man should save his money and buy a bigger boat, so that he could catch more fish to sell at the market. He should continue saving and work harder and harder to catch more fish and buy more boats. He should hire people to man the boats and catch more fish.
"And then what?" asked the man.
Why, then he could incorporate his business and make it world-wide. He would make money hand over fist and he would be adored. He would need to work harder and harder of course, to keep his business alive. Instead of catching fish and buying boats, he would need to maintain the people in his company. He must have meetings and travel and work very hard.
"And then?" prompted the man.
And then, after years of hard work and travel, you would finally retire. Perhaps to an island resort, where you could live out your remaining years with your family. Maybe catch a few fish in the morning, play some ball with your kids...
The man only smiled.

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