spinyNorm is the tube ninja

Hurray for Frankie and her organisational skills! We arrived on the same bus to Clapham Junction as the guy who turned out to be the bouncer! I met pandora in her wonderful majorette outfit - I think outfits like that should become a requisite of all nodermeets. Even more impressive that pandora's outfit was the craft fair that was taking place at out table. Many wonderful collages were taking shape and I merely stared in amazement at them.

As the eveing wore on Tiefling feasted upon a duck pancake with parsnip cirsps but more importantly pandora was still wearing a majorette outfit! SpinyNorm moved over to the cigarette machines in the corner to learn on and smoke and Gritchka came, and then left. Kidas departed to tuck the kids into bed (ahhhhh) and The Alchemist arrived. Our compliment full, the real drinking began in earnest and bol yet again proved his worth as an Irishman by setting about the liqour furiously. Ascorbic managed to spiill my drink down me and drinkless and wet I went to talk to Frankie, she entertained me for some time during which we lost spiregrain and sm597.

By far the most significant moment of the evening with bol's decision to form the London Alcohol Posse. Other names were immediately suggested such as, LAME - the London Alcoholic Metropolitan Entity and PIST - Permanent Innerbriated State Team. This soon to be infamous group will bring about the terrorising of London but will also serve as a reception commitee for any foreign noders in London.

The time had come to leave and after pointing spinyNorm in the right direction jobby and I jumped aboard our Bus only to find that sitting behind us was a gay French guy who had thrust his number upon me on that very bus only two weeks ago. He was delighted to see me and instisted on giving me his number again, since I hadn't called, and jobby and I spent the rest of the journey stifling laughter.

_ \ / / \ \ /\ / est \ ide \/ \/ \ _/

Kidas's pictures already at www.wertperch.co.uk - I love you guys!

ascorbic's pics at ascorbic.net

gnarl has suggested London Booze Monkeys as the name for our new posse which I am all for so

LAME LBM for ever!

Since this node has now been locked if you want to add anything tell me (via msg or email) and I will do so with a suitable attribution.

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