My problem with the Borg is that, initially, they were meant to unite the Federation, Romulan and Klingon empires. They were this immensly powerful race of cyborgs, and the crew of the USS Enterprise couldn't reason with them in one episode. Not only did it take the benevolance of Q to save Jean-Luc Picard and friends, but they even scared Guinan. Anyway, big bad enemy is unstoppable. A few short years after the Borg destroyed the armada at Wolf 359, three cubes are being pummeled by the Federation, and the Borg resort to time travel! And a race with no individuals has a queen? They are not an insect hive, but a collective consciousness! A once nearly-omnipotent race resorts to plot tricks??? At least they made a reference to this happening in the next piece of cr... I mean movie. Oh wait, it was Star Treks II through IV that made sense. Oh well maybe something will actually happen in the Star Trek universe that has an iota of consistency.