*** Warning: contains spoilers ***

A 3D first person shooter game for the Playstation and PC. You get to play as a member of the Voyager crew, stranded in the Delta Quadrant. You play as Alex Munro (male or female), a member of the Hazard Team, an elite team assembled by Tuvok for taking on the dangerous missions.

You start off on a Borg cube, armed with only a hand phaser and a phaser compression rifle. Don't fire these at the borg, it will only provoke assimilation. You have to recover the I-MOD (Infinity Modulator) which can defeat the borg without them being able to adapt to it, and rescue your team mates. Inevitably, you get trigger happy, try to blow up a panel, and fail the mission. Fortunately for you, it was all a holodeck simulation. Tuvok enters and announces his dissatisfaction at your bad tactical choices. You're called to the bridge, and Voyager is drawn into a void from which there is no escape.

Suddenly a core breach is in progress and you have to get down to engineering to stop it. After you narrowly avert a core breach, you're called down to the cargo bay (busy day for you, isn't it?) where you help fight off some scavengers who have transported in.

In the void, there are many different interesting ships, there's a ship of giant insects, Klingon ships, old Federation ships, Hirogen ships, Borg ships, and many more.

To help you on your missions, you have a various array of weapons, such as:

  • Phaser
  • Phaser Compression rifle
  • I-MOD
  • Scavenger Rifle
  • Stasis Weapon
  • Compound Grenade Launcher
  • Tetryon Pulse Disruptor
  • Photon Burst
  • Arc Welder

    Unfortunately there is no tricorder, unless you use a certain cheat, and even then it doesn't give much information.

    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force uses the Quake III engine and thus has pretty good graphics. It also has a holodeck mode where you can fight against computer simulations of the crew, or play against other players over a network or the internet.

    For me, the high point of this game was getting to walk around an old Federation Ship (like from Captain Kirk's time). Overall this game is pretty good, about as good as Starfleet Command.

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