The foundations of any logical system, whether mathematical and philosophical, are the axioms. It has been demonstrated time and again that, given the correct set of basic principles, anything can be proved. The true measure of maturity is the ability to compromise:
  • "this is the definition of a functioning mind: One which processes information objectively." your assumption here is that all functioning minds process information objectively. Modern thinking says that functioning minds process information objectively and subjectively.

  • "I suppose you would hire a truck driver to perform brain surgery." This is true, but neither would I trust a brain surgeon to transport heavy goods. Your assumption here is that a surgeon is "better" than a truck driver and that salary is a measurement of how useful you are to society.

While not all of the points mentioned in the above writeups are invalid, some lack an element of a relative comparison. There is a trend in E2 for black and white philosophy and politics, where simple principles are taken to their extreme conclusions. This is the easy way of maintaining your ethics/beliefs/whatever: the true effort comes from accepting that everyone has a point.