Folk Names: Olivier
Gender/Planet/Element Associations: Masculine/Sun/Fire
Divine Associations: Athena, Apollo, Irene, Minerva, Ra, Aten, Brahma

Ritual Uses:

Olive oil has been consecrated and used in lamps to light temples in ancient times as well as a base for scented oils used in religious ceremonies. As they are good for spiritual-awakening, olives make good snacks after the performance of rituals.

Uses In Folk Magic:

  • On an olive leaf write Athena's name. Press this against the head or wear on the body and it will cure a headache.
  • Olive oil has long been used as an anointing oil to aid in healing.
    Lust & Fertility
  • When eaten, olives ensure fertility as well as sexual potency in men, and are also lust-inducing.
  • Athenian brides wore crowns of olive leaves to ensure fertility.
  • Olives can also be eaten for peace and to reduce stress.
  • Olive leaves scattered or placed in a room spread a peaceful vibration throughout the area.


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