Leaves From the Tree of Life?

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Revelation 22:2

Olea Europaea


A. Phytochemicals

  1. Polyphenols
  2. Flavonoids
  3. Flavonols
  4. Flavonones
  5. Proanthocynadins
  6. Pyconongenol
  7. Catechins
  8. Isoflavones
  9. Glucosinlates
  10. Indoles
  11. Isoprenoids
  12. Tocotrienols
  13. leuropein (Iridoid)

B. Calcium Elonate

Big Time Benefits

While the ancient Egyptians used the 'divine' leaf's oil as part of their mummification, later the leaf was found to help against various maladies in folk medicine. The Spanish during their fighting the French in the Napoleonic era made a green drink made from the olive leaves for feverish soldiers. The French Foreign Legion's Doctor and Colonel Pallas used espionage to obtain the Spanish formula, publishing studies about it in 1827. The Pharmaceutical Journal of 1954 had an anti-malarial recipe involving boiling and added to wine, and was used by the British authorities for those back from tropical assignments. Later, the oleuropein and iridoids common in plants were isolated from it, and 1962 Italian researchers documented its lowering affect on blood pressure. Ironically healthy people respond better to it, and need less.

Hearty Background

Nutritionists in the past have touted the benefits in the "Mediterranean diet" of not only the "good cholesterol" (or high density lipids) in olive oil, but also the olive phenolics. But now there are the new discoveries with olive leaf extractions like these oleuropeins and elenolic acid that contain anti-oxidants that worked on the "bad cholesterol" or low-density lipoproteins that are indicted in coronary disease. But this is only one of many accolades and uses this product boasts. A woman was helped alleviate mild arhythmia until she stopped taking olive leaf extract. These same proanthocyanadins and flavonoids are what make grape seeds, broccoli, onions and other greens and vegetables good for one's heart and veins.

Immune System Booster

Another significant benefit is the strengthening of the immune system, our very microbiological battleground within our anatomy. Anyone might be onslaughted by colds and flu, but a nagging tiredness or worse can come by way of the extreme contagiousness and widespread latency of the Epstein- Barr virus which is responsible for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its worse furthered condition: Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrom (CFIDS). This disease is related to mononucleosis. Many times our bodies resistance can use help. The key ingredient here is Calcium Elonate, whose properties interfere with micropathogens in three basic ways:

  1. Viral Amino Acid Interference

  2. This chemical penetrates the cells of the viruses and stops the copying of themselves by not allowing the utilization of amino acids (those protein building blocks of life.)

  3. Neutralizing Viral Manufacture of Reverse Transcriptase and Protease

    The calcium elonate stops even retrovirus i.e., HIV, to change a viable cell's RNA.

  4. Phagocytosis stimulation

  5. This chemical helps make phagocytes that allow the immune response where our cells devour foreign matter including tiny 'bug'.

It has been noted that very chronic problems need a multiliferous treatment plan with other folk ingredients, diet and emotional/spiritual counseling.

Other Aids

Daily fatigue

It has been shown clinically people who are a little run down from bad eating and exercise habits can get some power from this product. Some patients, because of their excesses, and extra illness, felt nothing change, and or, may feel more the die-off effect discussed below.

Juvenile Diabetes

A young person was able to lower their dose of insulin to control diabetes when taking a normal dose of olive leaf extract. It has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, and its other properties, especially the antioxidants, can relieve vascular damage that can lead to strokes and heart attacks from this pancreatic malady.


If you read some of the many reports about the prevalence of all kinds of tiny worms living in our guts, and elsewhere, that make one very ill, you will run out to get some of this extract to boost your system against these wiggly wriggley critters. Hookworms, pinworms, tapeworms and the like are lurking, just try not to lick your fingers after gardening, or play in the dirt barefoot, but just in case.....

Respiratory infections in the elderly

The older generation need protection more as their immune systems have become naturally weaker, the statistical rise in a new unknown lung problem has prompted the suggestion for using natural supplements, this one being high on the list.

Worldwide Rise in Infections

The World Health Organization has cried for helping the continually climbing contagions from running amok, including some blood infections, reversing an earlier downward trend, with more than just conventional medicine. Olive leaf extract is there waiting. Those protozoans


A liquid form is used with efficacity against this latent living viral blistering infection related to HIV.

Endocerine Help

A naturopath clinic was able to help bladder problems, and kidney problems, unblockage of urinary tract were solved. (Warning! Gross Alert!:) And another poor soul's cloudy, soupy and bloody urine were cleared up in half a year, not returning, with the added benefit of nagging sniffles decreased.

Mouth Infections

Sinus, and tooth, gum and throat are helped very well by this extract. In one case-- pain and swelling were reduced even on a terribly abscessed tooth, but the tooth was lost.

Fungus Infections

Some have lauded the repair of nails damaged from previous infections, when other treatments failed. A persistant resistant thrush condition was cleared in three weeks! Other fungal attacks have been staved off, as well doing better than the new three hundred dollar a month drug, Sporanox. Polysystemic candidiasis sufferers, and the symptoms are all over and in the body, have found liberty, taking this supplement. Candida, an opportunistic organism on weakened immune systems, especially with the overuse of antibiotics, make it worse with its almost eighty toxins. Instead of taking nystatin, to which some have an negative reaction, one has no side effects taking olive leaf extract except one needs to watch for a potential Herxheimer reaction.


It has relieved psoriasis. One ailing from chronic scalp infection was helped where other prescriptions missed the mark, with the eruptions dissipated.


It has cleared up the anemia and cold shakes associated with this chronic condition, and that is comforting seeing the increase of cases in the southern US. One can find medical writings back to 1827 showing olive tree leaf extract as better than even quinine, but the latter won over due to its ease of administering

Dengue Fever

Another mosquito laden hemorrhagic fever, that kills half it's victims-- fifty million a year-- with the throwing up, dehydration and tremendous high body temperatures is hoped to be helped by this leafy miracle.


The protease inibitors in Olive leaf extract help victims of Acquired Immunodeficiency (AIDS), especially important where people cannot take AZT or Azidothymidine monotherapy. Working with other immune modulators, one afflicted patient saw his blood viral load almost miraclously reduced from 160,000 organisms to after several months of treatment down to 692.

Drug Resistant Germs

Since there is only one or two antibiotics existing, if that, that have not had the little bugs become "super bugs" that have made new walls barring the attacks of all the wonder drugs invented since the discovery of penicillin, this has become essential in combatting this.

Side Effects

The Die-Off Effect

There really are no toxic adverse effects. However, when detoxification occurs, especially in the very sick, many micro-organisms that die will cause the body to react to the carnage. When the already feeble mucuous membranes take in the old cell wall protein and toxins, combined with the body's compulsion to eliminate it, these kinds of organs, skin, liver, kidneys and intestines may be stressed, and one can feel it, in discomfort. These could be flu-like symptoms that include tiredness, diarrhea, skin eruptions, muscle and bone aches, that all vary in intensity.

Alleviation of the Die-Off Suffering

Drinking lots of water to boost the lymphatic system and help the kidneys wash everything out. Pain can be dealt with aspirin or ibuprofen. Finally, if needed, one can reduce the dosage, or stop it all for a time. This can give the body time to rid itself of all the detritus involved. Then along with vitamins, bring the dosages back up gradually. After these short term unpleasantness, one will then be left with a basic euphoria.

Last Remarks

Like their disclaimers say, it is not a magic pill. My wife and I have been taking these supplements, 200 mg (but only once a day for me) and the extra help is subtley discerned. It is about 20 USD for 60 200 mg tablets.
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