Magic is real.

Discovered in the 1970s, magic has matured into bona fide field of engineering. There's magic in the factories, magic in your television. It's what's next after the information revolution.

Student mage Laura Ferno has designs on the future: her mother died trying to reach space using magic, and Laura wants to succeed where she failed. But first, she has to work out what went wrong. And who her mother really was.

And whether, indeed, she's dead at all...

  1. Thaumic City
  2. Sufficiently Advanced Technology
  3. From Ignorance, Lead Me To Truth
  4. Magic Isn't
  5. What You Don't Know
  6. Ragdoll Physicist
  7. Broken 'Verse
  8. Thaumonuclear
  9. The Jesus Machine
  10. Space Magic
  11. The Seventh Impossible Thing
  12. Daemons
  13. Abstract Weapon
  14. Death Surrounds This Machine
  15. Zero Day
  16. Bare Metal
  17. Hatt's People
  18. Deeper Magic
  19. There Is No Cabal
  20. Protagonism
  21. Scrap Brain Zone
  22. Inferno
  23. From Darkness, Lead Me To Light
  24. Direct Sunlight
  25. Abstract War
  26. Everything Is Real
  27. Why Do You Hate Ra
  28. Last Thursdayism
  29. Akheron
  30. All Hell
  31. From Death, Lead Me To Immortality
  32. Machine Space
  33. It Has To Work
  34. Why Not Just
  35. Destructor

Ra (rä), n.

A roe; a deer. [Obs.] Chaucer.


© Webster 1913

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