headache all day today. is it the weather? is it the serotonin? is it stress? is it cancer?

thinking like this will eventually drive me to putting a drill to my head, i fear.

anywhoo. despite the nagging head pain, had a relatively productive day. went to almost all of my classes, but skipped a discussion to go to office hours. see, my data structures project got mangled by the course auto-grader, causing my (fully functional) project to score a 47%


but, it's getting checked out, i'm sure that it will all be find in the end. since, after all, it works.

stayed in tonite, watched empire strikes back with a new girl i'm starting to date (apparently). which is fun, but mildly confusing. she's a fun person to hang out with, but we're still kind of in the 'feeling each other out' stage. getting to know each other and all that.

but it's not really worth worrying about too much.

this weekend, planning a trip to canada, which should be fun. haven't visited our lovely neighbors to the north (actually, from Ann Arbor, Windsor is directly east...) since march or so.

off to bed, try and sleep this headache out of my body.