I recall being sent to a sanitarium/school of sorts that reminded me of my old middle school, Grey MS, (As in Robert Grey -- What? No write-up?) for some reason or another, I figure it was because I was crazy at the time. I hadn't been a good boy. While at this place, I recall being frequently followed and duped by my aparent antagonist, the principal, who was intent upon my suffering. I recall asking him many times to let me leave, and each time he screamed his disagreement at me.

While at the school, I remember scoring a vial of LSD for resale and discussing drug politics with my friend, Matt. The main activity I engaged in while there was running up and down the many stairwells that encompassed the facility. It should also be noted that somewhere along the way, I met my campanion for this dream, who appeared to be a ranger of some sorts. That is, he was a forest-going fellow, always clad in a green cloak and hood, with a gold broach. He was always silent. I could not see his face.

Eventually, it came time for me to leave this place, given the many encounters I was having with the principal (sounds almost like farris bewler's day off, heh). Anyways, we had gotten into an argument and I knocked the principal down on his ass. He looked up at me venomously from the ground, and I said, "May I leave?", he barked his reply, "No!" his mouth frothing with rage...I could see it in his eyes. Well, about three paces from me was my backpack, which I gander must have represented the token of my escape, because I grabbed it and took off, I think the principal attempted to pursue, but to no avail.

Soon, I was clear of the premises, and into a lush, green forest. My ranger companion was with me. All I knew was that I needed to head south and I would be safe. That and that I needed to move quickly, for the principal/antagonist was not far behind. I recall looking up through the tree cover to the sky, looking to the sun, and thinking "Rises in the east, sets in the west". From this I garnered an idea of which way south was, and proceeded appropriatly. After some time of travelling through the forest, I came upon a log cabin with an old ford truck parked along the side. I remember the joy I felt when I saw it, thinking "Finally, I way away from the principal!". In this situation, I think the antagonist represented a number of fears and general worries that pursue me, because I was VERY eager to escape him. So anyways, I run up on the cabin and, before I even make it to the door, a Native American teenager throws open the door. I plead with him, "Please, you must let me use your truck to get away!" and he replies, "No, no...Too drunk, too drunk" I remember the way he waved his arms suggestively, stating that he couldn't. I then said, "Don't worry, I'll drive!" because I was only slightly drunk, it seemed. He agreed to this and we all departed towards the truck. When I hopped in the driver's seat, I remember looking over and seeing my ranger companion watching me, as though he wanted to be the one driving. So before long, we tear out of the Indian's cabin and are speeding down very hilly forest roads. Let me tell you, this truck handled shitty! But then again, thats how everything is in dreams.

Before long, we reached safety and the truck, the indian and my ranger companion were gone, leaving me in another log cabin type general store sort of place, biding my time. I remember waiting there, I knew the principal was coming. I knew he knew where I was. And before long, he came. The door blasted open with his fury alone and the room was swept with wind. I recall the rage and anger in his eyes as he tried to take me back to that place, but I wouldn't go. And strangely, before long he wasn't the principal before, but a man I know from real life, named Gary (who we often call Uncle Gary, because he's my best friend's uncle). Well, ol Uncle Gary was drunk, and he was shouting vehemently at me, all sorts of things to erode my self-confidence and take me back to the pit of depravity and self-loathing that the school represented, I guess. At this point, things start to shady, I recall standing up to him, and saying all sorts of things like "You don't scare me anymore" and the like. Well at that point, all the madness of the dream sort of melted away and I was left with a sober realization that the antagonist represented some fear I was to overcome.

I woke up and went to the bathroom.