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  • Pete and I were waiting for the wedding to start, bored, not talking. He wanted to trade places on the pew for zero reason that I could see and I said fine but he was going to have to be the one to get up. He wanted to tell me something but was shy about it, and when he finally said it, I completely failed to understand what he was talking about.

  • I was late twice to Meeting and they marked my name down both times. I didn't think it was any big deal but the little girl warned me that on the third day I would be killed.

  • We weren't allowed out after dark, of course. But I went out, down the street, with a blanket, and slept on the couch ni the front office, soaked, shivering.

  • In my parents' house, I met the right man. There was no doubt. There were too many other people there, we couldn't talk, interruptions. I got maybe four sentences before he had to go. Everything inside me was very heavy. His voice had been a familiar one but I did not think he would be coming back.

    From the kitchen window we watched the caravan of cars leaving, eager for them to be gone. If he has to go, make himgo. One guy's trunk was open wide, letting rainwater in. Someone produced a huge orange tarp-like thing that covered the whole car, with a zippered window for the windshield. I thought it was fucking hilarious and ran to get my camera. I fumbled with it, standing in the rain; it had been a long time since I'd used it. My old 110. Someone reminded me I had a digital camera, which I'd forgotten. My mother asked me to wait until they got back, then there would be better pictures to take anyway.

    Kramer came to find me and held me to his chest for a long time. "I just heard Brannon talking outside, and he is so, so bitter." He said Brannon but I knew he meant James. "He couldn't even talk to the little girls without bringing you up, and you should have heard his voice. Promise me you'll keep going." I wasn't sure what he meant but I rested against him and closed my eyes.

  • Grandpa says, i took some candy from the bowl when we left the restaurant, and it's true. He's behind me on the stairs and pastel candies are falling out of his pockets and sticking to things.
    I reach the landing and turn, but at the first step the stairs are revealed to be an illusion covering a steep slope. The full-body jerk of attempting to get some footing, resist the fall, jump back, wakes me up. Heart pounding in bed, 3am.
    I recall being sent to a sanitarium/school of sorts that reminded me of my old middle school, Grey MS, (As in Robert Grey -- What? No write-up?) for some reason or another, I figure it was because I was crazy at the time. I hadn't been a good boy. While at this place, I recall being frequently followed and duped by my aparent antagonist, the principal, who was intent upon my suffering. I recall asking him many times to let me leave, and each time he screamed his disagreement at me.

    While at the school, I remember scoring a vial of LSD for resale and discussing drug politics with my friend, Matt. The main activity I engaged in while there was running up and down the many stairwells that encompassed the facility. It should also be noted that somewhere along the way, I met my campanion for this dream, who appeared to be a ranger of some sorts. That is, he was a forest-going fellow, always clad in a green cloak and hood, with a gold broach. He was always silent. I could not see his face.

    Eventually, it came time for me to leave this place, given the many encounters I was having with the principal (sounds almost like farris bewler's day off, heh). Anyways, we had gotten into an argument and I knocked the principal down on his ass. He looked up at me venomously from the ground, and I said, "May I leave?", he barked his reply, "No!" his mouth frothing with rage...I could see it in his eyes. Well, about three paces from me was my backpack, which I gander must have represented the token of my escape, because I grabbed it and took off, I think the principal attempted to pursue, but to no avail.

    Soon, I was clear of the premises, and into a lush, green forest. My ranger companion was with me. All I knew was that I needed to head south and I would be safe. That and that I needed to move quickly, for the principal/antagonist was not far behind. I recall looking up through the tree cover to the sky, looking to the sun, and thinking "Rises in the east, sets in the west". From this I garnered an idea of which way south was, and proceeded appropriatly. After some time of travelling through the forest, I came upon a log cabin with an old ford truck parked along the side. I remember the joy I felt when I saw it, thinking "Finally, I way away from the principal!". In this situation, I think the antagonist represented a number of fears and general worries that pursue me, because I was VERY eager to escape him. So anyways, I run up on the cabin and, before I even make it to the door, a Native American teenager throws open the door. I plead with him, "Please, you must let me use your truck to get away!" and he replies, "No, no...Too drunk, too drunk" I remember the way he waved his arms suggestively, stating that he couldn't. I then said, "Don't worry, I'll drive!" because I was only slightly drunk, it seemed. He agreed to this and we all departed towards the truck. When I hopped in the driver's seat, I remember looking over and seeing my ranger companion watching me, as though he wanted to be the one driving. So before long, we tear out of the Indian's cabin and are speeding down very hilly forest roads. Let me tell you, this truck handled shitty! But then again, thats how everything is in dreams.

    Before long, we reached safety and the truck, the indian and my ranger companion were gone, leaving me in another log cabin type general store sort of place, biding my time. I remember waiting there, I knew the principal was coming. I knew he knew where I was. And before long, he came. The door blasted open with his fury alone and the room was swept with wind. I recall the rage and anger in his eyes as he tried to take me back to that place, but I wouldn't go. And strangely, before long he wasn't the principal before, but a man I know from real life, named Gary (who we often call Uncle Gary, because he's my best friend's uncle). Well, ol Uncle Gary was drunk, and he was shouting vehemently at me, all sorts of things to erode my self-confidence and take me back to the pit of depravity and self-loathing that the school represented, I guess. At this point, things start to shady, I recall standing up to him, and saying all sorts of things like "You don't scare me anymore" and the like. Well at that point, all the madness of the dream sort of melted away and I was left with a sober realization that the antagonist represented some fear I was to overcome.

    I woke up and went to the bathroom.
    Ok, Don't blame me, this was a screwed up dream, its kind of weird/funny/scary.

    Ok I hope you guys like the format; I’m going to write it out like I’m me rather than explainingtoo much...

    Phone rings.

    I pick up the phone and say, "Hello?"

    Jesse (my best friend), "Heya man, guess what?"

    I say, "What?"

    "I'm getting my own apartment!"

    "Really? Cool."

    "Yeah I’m getting it at the YMCA"

    "The YMCA? How are you getting one there?"

    Now that I think about it... all of a sudden I’m at his house and there's a chart showing his plan. Got to love dreams.

    Jesse: "Yeah you can live there if you work for 60 hours a week."

    Me: "Cool, is it pretty nice?"

    I don't really know exactly what transpired for the next few minutes, probably dream filler weirdness.

    We get to this construction site for the YMCA (a huge one) and I can see all these most the way built buildings... some with roofs even, and there's a storm rolling in.

    Manager of construction of YMCA "Hey, Jesse"

    Jesse: "Heya"

    I was just looking around at the construction it was all pretty vacant without many people working. There was a big storm rolling in and it looked like they could use some assistance. It was really weird because I can remember feeling tired in the dream, like too tired to really work.

    Some SUV drives up (a really nice blue one, like a Lexus or something). The manager is talking to them about working and saying that she can only afford people making about 3.00 dollars an hour (really weird). So these people and her talk for a while and like she wants them to work but can't afford it.

    From here my dream cuts to people boarding up the houses for the storm... cuts back to the woman.

    Me: "I'm really too tired to work, at best I can help you out with some supplies (I don’t know exactly what that's about, we were a long way from my house hehe) Manager: "That's ok (disappointed)

    The storm is extremely creepy, how to explain this... Ok, imagine a storm that almost constantly has lightning deep inside it that flashes and you can barely see it through the darkness of the cloud.

    Now... I keep looking at this storm it is, excuse my language FUCKING creepy.

    My dream cut to this house on the far end of the construction site, there was like some woman telling some little kid to board up some stuff downstairs, and he does, then he carries a big board up stairs and when he puts it over the window from the inside (who knows it's a dream) the thing explodes knocking him through this rail and down with him screaming (it cuts off so I don't know if he survived).

    It cuts back to me again (oh yeah I forgot to mention, I was in my body seeing all this, I could see my hands and stuff, but I wasn't watching myself do this. I was me which is kind of weird for my dreams I'm like in some ditch type area, in between the building I was at with the manager lady and the closest other building (which was like a half mile off so I’m kind of far from either). I could feel this very oppressing presence.

    It was kind of freaky. My dog, Bernie (A German Shepard/Collie/Chow) all of a sudden went nuts, and it started to get all weird like jumping around and stuff (no he wasn't there earlier in the dream).

    He then looks at me, and he's freaking scary, he looks evil, basically imagine a dog with deep black eye's that used to be kind blood flowing from the back of the jowls from something bad, well there wasn't any blood, and I didn't see the eye's but they should have been like that because he was freaking scary.

    Ok my dog went into a frenzy trying to bite my throat, I held it off and pushed it to the ground, I can't exactly remember how I saved my dog (or if I did) but I survived. At this point Jesse was talking to me, and I could feel something coming at me trying to get into me, trying to force me out, but I was fighting it, I could feel it trying to fill me, but I screamed and forced my will upon it and fought it, and at this point my face was changing and stuff but my friend didn't notice. I somehow forced it out. It was fucking pissed, it started attacking me and shit and I kept forcing it away with like my will. Well... the bastard kept attacking me and I fought it off. I remember that I was like using my will like through my hands and shit, and then just making a barrier around me. At this point I could see it, it was probably a ghost that seems the most reasonable, it was pure white form, but it's face continually morphed, from a dog to a skull, to a screaming woman's face needless to say it was freaky, and it kept pushing on the barrier almost hard enough to push me over.

    I was freaked, but then it left, and all of a sudden I could tell something was wrong as my love started to get taken over. All of a sudden she was after me, and I couldn't block her all the way, she clawed at me and her face contorted into weird stuff as she tried to kill me. I remember thinking she seemed like a vampire as I used my will to fend her off a bit. At some point in here I struck a blow on her head, I don't know with my fist or what or even my will, but she went down for a sec and then I chopped her up (morbid huh?)

    I remember thinking that vampires could come back without a stake through the heart or if you set them on fire. I proceeded to try to find a lighter, I found a big wad of paper, and I looted my pockets in search of a lighter, I found one, this Australian crack torch my sister brought me from Australia (that actually happened) but it was out of butane (it has a kangaroo on it and it's a butane torch, I lovingly call it my Australian crack torch, made in china). Well, I knew I had another lighter because my friend loaned my one last night (that happened in real life) but I couldn't get it fast enough and all the chopped up pieces started to come together, then she was whole all of a sudden, but not yet moving.

    I knew I had to get rid of whatever was in her. I went over to her body and tried to force the thing out using my will, as hard as I could I forced my mind against the thing, but it wouldn't go away, it was inside her I had get it out another way, so I kissed her deeply and forced my energy through her mouth as hard as I could, that did the trick, the thing was out. I looked at it and screamed with all my soul, and blasted the bitch straight to hell with Rambo/psychic spiritual power crap. Which by the way left my girl alive and good.

    This was the end of the cool adventure/creepy stuff unfortunately, but some weird stuff continued to commence. At this point (I thought this was weird) I was back at my friend’s house.

    But it was no longer his house, it was another friends house (once again, don't blame me I’m explaining this dream as it happened to me, and what i mean is it was the same house, but now a different friend owned it and it looked a bit different). I was walking around seeing what was going on. Apparently there was a bomb disarming demonstration thing, and I walked by this dump truck where this person was working to disarm a bomb at the bottom of some stack full of money and stuff, and grabbed a couple 100 bill stacks of bills, one was 100 dollar bills the other was 500's.

    I went and sat down and some kid from my school that I said I didn't like said he was going to report me for stealing it, (A kid I've had transgressions with in the past in real life) I proceeded to explain that might not be good for his health (this was odd, I've never stolen a thing in my life except for some bubble tape back when I was about 4 from target).

    We watched the demonstration and one of my friends jacked 10 100's from where I was hiding them, but I didn't mind, I figured I’d just waste the money anyway. I also talked to another one of my friends that was there about how his summer was going and split the stack of 500 dollar bills with him (Oh yeah, I should have mentioned, this is US currency, I live in Colorado). Anyway, all of a sudden I was in some different part of my friends house and his stepbrother and some friends were playing D&D and I saw some kid that looked familiar, and he recognized me, he seemed like a kid from my past at my old elementary school. At some point while I was talking with him. All of a sudden he was a small toy rabbit, but I didn't really notice (It's a DREAM!). Anyway this was about where my dream wrapped up, but I was thinking about what fun I’d have this summer with the money I’d dishonestly stolen from who knows who. This was a weird and extremely vivid dream. Please excuse some of the language, but this needed a bit in my opinion anyway.
    I was in a classroom with a bunch of computers in it (looked kinda like a smaller version of Reed College's L18). I was in a class run by my high school English teacher, Dave Mitchell. I wasn't paying attention, I was surfing the web, reading about a new feature in the GIMP.

    At a break in the class, I went outside. Outside was outside of my high school (in Philadelphia, but a parking lot had been replaced with a smaller version of the plaza outside the school. There was a street vendor there, and I was last in line. I ordered a hot dog, and as I was apparently quite friendly with the three people running the cart, mentioned that I had a cold. Immediately, they began plying me with various cold remedies. One of them gave me a glass jar of some thing that looked a lot like licorice - I consumed it on the spot. Then my hot dog was ready, and the vendor gave it to me. All of the other vendors gave me cold remedies, but there was too much for me to carry, and it all started to spill out of the paper bag, which had ripped. There were multi-colored jimmies all over the cobblestone.

    I returned to class (I think we were actually in Dave Mitchell's classroom, this time). We were given photocopies of an old newspaper article, which Dave started to read from:
    "The five men walked away from the scene of the rape. The woman arose, bloody and filled with an inner fire. The men kept walking, unaware of the cyberdemon they had created"

    Then I woke up. Yeah, my dreams are pretty weird. In this context, cyberdemon meant cyber + demon, not the Doom enemy.

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