Located in urban Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Tech specializes in engineering curricula offering 13 undergraduate degrees in its College of Engineering. Other programs are also offered in architecture, computing, management, sciences, and the liberal arts. Graduate level programs are also offered in a wide variety of fields.

Vital Statistics

The following sections discussing majors were kept from my original writeup because of certain extra info, most importantly the acronyms and abbreviations for majors which make it much easier to converse with Tech students. The list is identical to the one in Iconoplast's writeup.

Engineering Programs

Georgia Tech traditionally is an engineering school, and as such, has a very reputable College of Engineering. With its undergraduate program ranked sixth by U.S. News and World Report, and graduate program ranked fourth, it is certainly one of the top engineering schools in the United States. There are thirteen undergraduate degree programs and over twenty graduate degree programs in the College of Engineering, accounting for fully 58% of Tech students. The undergraduate programs are:

Computer Science

Besides the engineering program, Georgia Tech has a strong if controversial College of Computing. With about 14% of undergraduates enrolled in the Computer Science (CS) program, it is one of the most popular majors at Tech.


The third major college at Georgia Tech is the DuPree College of Management. Enrolling 11% of undergraduates (some of whom changed majors from engineering, see M Train), this is the last of the popular majors at Tech.

Other Majors

The College of Architecture offers three major programs, but the six-year Architecture program is the most feared on campus. Also offered are Building Construction (BC) and Industrial Design (ID). There are also students enrolled in the College of Sciences, home of the undergraduate degrees of:

Most other students fall under the Ivan Allen College, Tech's liberal arts school. Undergraduate majors offered in this school are all Bachelor of Science degrees, unlike in most liberal arts schools. They are:

Degree Options

Degree-seeking students have several options in addition to taking courses toward their major. Many students choose to minor or gain a certificate in another area. Also, approximately one-third of students participate in the cooperative education program, where the student alternates semesters of school and work, going to school an extra year and working as many as four terms. The average starting pay for the co-op program is $11/hr. It is the largest voluntary co-op program in the United States.

Student Organizations

There are a large number of student organizations on campus, from fraternities and sororities through the GT Cycling Team, and everything in between. Many of these organizations receive money through the Student Government Association.


Georgia Tech has a number of varsity intercollegiate sports. Men's sports include football, basketball, baseball, cross country, golf, swimming and diving, tennis, and track and field. Women's sports are basketball, cross country, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. There is also a prodigious number of club teams, many of which compete on the collegiate level.

Georgia Tech's football team is best known both for its 1990 National Championship and its October 7, 1916 222-0 victory over Cumberland University. It is also the main target of the Georgia/Georgia Tech rivalry. In fact, the annual UGA/GT football game is preceded with a special issue of the Technique, the campus newspaper. This honor is given only to one other Tech football game, Homecoming.

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Georgia Tech 2001-2003 General Catalog