Cafe Intermezzo is a pleasant European style trend cafe located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Intermezzo is a hip place in the city, where much pretention, expensive alcohol, and wonderful desserts can be found. I have found this cafe to be a nice place to get some coffee and a dessert during late nights or after a light dinner, it provides a departure from the normal atmosphere and concentrates on dim lighting and wooden overtones. Built to remind one of the coffeehouses of old-world Europe, and especcially those of late 1800's Vienna. Cafe Intermezzo is a favorite of the downtown crowd, frequented by midtowners and students primarily from Georgia State and Georgia Tech. Of particular note are the Mexican hot chocolate and the enormous, custom-built espresso pressure device.

Cafe Intermezzo is open very late. Hours of operation are 10AM-3AM Sunday through Friday, and it stays open until 4AM on Saturday. Cafe Intermezzo is located at 1845 Peachtree Road, convenient to all who can find their way to this artery of the city. Reservations are expected on holidays and are helpful on Saturday nights, dress is casual-upscale, expect to pay around $15 an entree - around $5 for desserts and coffees. For any questions call: 404-355-0411.

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