despite accomplishing almost nothing this weekend, this was really one of the better weekends i've had in a while. friday the man came over, we went out for dinner at a local deli, rented movies, got some wine and hung out. we were up until 4:30am just talking. we slept in on saturday, then i got an itch to go buy more books about succulents and so we went to borders. a nice (but odd) lady started up a conversation with me -- initiating it by saying she had overheard me mention botany and asked if i knew from what part of marijuana plants did industrial hemp for rope and cloth come from. although i don't, and have never grown marijuana (except one plant, once) i have a strong interest in entheogenic and medicinal plants, and so i pointed out to her some excellent reading which will educate about marijuana without being a big stupid how-to on growing dope in your basement or closet without your parents finding out. she mentioned that as a stewardess for an airline she became aquainted with a haitian voodoo priest who educated her on medicinal plants of the area. i pointed out to her a fabulous book, called Pharmako / Poeia. although she seemed like an interesting and nice enough lady, i am just never very interested in maintaining conversations with strangers -- so i went back to reading a succulent encyclopedia and figuring out which cacti and succulent book would best suit my needs.

i got it in my head that i wanted to cook dinner for the man (the first time in over a year of dating). so i went to the store and got chicken breasts, portabello mushrooms, orzo pasta, tomatoes, olives, olive oil, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. so i made dinner and his only complaint what that i put too much olive oil on the pasta (i gotta agree, but it was still yummy).

we spent part of the evening having long conversations and part of the evening having wrestling matches. i wound up with a bruised foot, but i gave him a good punch or two in the stomach so we're even.

sunday morning we slept in, then he left and i did my laundry and cleaned the house a bit.
wake up, take a shower, go to work. early... they should be roofing the apartment and they should have my parking area blocked off between 7am and 5pm -- i have been going to work at 6:30 in order to avoid having my car towed. but so far there hasn't been any sign of work on my building and other cars have remained parked in the lot. maybe i read the notice wrong. or maybe they're behind on their work.

anyway, this morning on my way out the door my neighbour was walking his dog, lefty. lefty came over to say hi to me and i noticed that he was exhibiting behaviour i had only ever seen in my recently deceased dog -- we called it smiling, but most other people would think he was growling. danny used to smile so much he'd make himself sneeze over and over again. lefty smiled at me today. when i pointed it out to bill he said that anyone who'd ever noticed it assumed he was growling and was afraid. nah, i know that doggie expression.

so now i'm at work, fixing my messed up computer and drinking coffee. lots of coffee. my computer is really being unhappy right now. overall, i like windows 2000 better than windows 98, but -- there are some things about it that really just rub me the wrong way. fortunately i do most of my work on various unixes, i use windows 2000 only on the system from which i check my e-mail.