5th day of intense coding.
i've been coding at least 15 hours a day. smoke less, eat less, drink less, think less except for the problem i'm solving, and sleep less.
my finger prints are getting thiner.
get up at six. jump in the train to the office. sit at the desk and run emacs. then i'm good to go.
i love coding, but i'm tired. phisically and mentally.
so, i took a longer break this afternoon. got 20 oz coffee and a pack of cigarette. sat at the staires infront of the office building. i was thinking random stuffs watching people passing me by and cars/trucks on the street.
then i saw the container with big 'EVERGREEN' sign on the side. i've seen this containers when i lived in seattle area. it was funny to see the container here in tokyo. why? i don't know.
i started to think about people up there. i've seen some notes of those people, but haven't kept in touch with them.
i was there a month ago. i'm living in totally diffrent life as far as my sorroundings are concerned.
i miss my life there, but i can't tell which one is better.
no matter what/no matter where i live, i'll do what i gotta do.

then i threw my half smoked cigarette and went back to the office to do the thing i gotta do.