10:34 a.m. where I am right now

The last day I wrote a day log/My next day log

Ah yes. Like Rimrod, today is also my last day of work. Although I am counting the minutes until its over, I'll miss the high speed internet access. Hence my presence here! It should be interesting to see how I deal with Everything withdrawl, which will occur over the next month (as my home connection sucks currently, and I may not get hooked up in my new place to avoid... well, this!).

I'll miss my desk. I'll miss some of my co-workers. And I'll definately miss the money. Then again, I won't miss playing receptionist too much. I'm not really a secretary; I just play one at work.

I'm going on a couple of hours of sleep. I had planned to stay sober at a party last night but this did not happen. Luckily, I am in that delirious stage of tiredness in which the body is practically numb. I feel fine. It was a nice gathering.

My aunt is taking me out for lunch today. Sweet!

I get to see an old friend tonight. She's working at a kids theatre camp and I'm going to see the kiddie play before we go out for a drink. Awesome. I went to see my little brother put on a play a couple of weeks ago. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. Yes, it was terrible, but unbearably cute. Imagine kids, from age eight to twelve, acting out an adaption of a Japanese kabuki play. It boggles the mind.

Although it's my last day of work, I'm tempted to just node all day rather than clean out my desk or some such. I got an email which brightened my day, from a couple of friends of mine who are travelling Europe. They are in Cannes right now, and have been to London, Paris, Florence... I'm quite envious. I got to go to Italy a couple of years and once you get the travel bug...