I successfully trolled my history teacher

Last week, my history class watched a video by PBS titled "Trade Secrets". It spanned nearly two class periods documenting the horrors of the chemical industry. The video had a strong slant toward the former employees of the chemical industry; one guy's fingertip bones had completely dissolved. Anyways, the narrator got his blood tested for chemicals, and the doctor revealed to him that he had 80 out of 150 chemicals in his blood. Pretty scary stuff - www.pbs.org/tradesecrets for more information

Then my history teacher gave us an assignment: Write a response paper on the video. I decided to try an experiment to see if a troll response paper would get me an A.

I wrote from the perspective of the classic Right Wing Maniac. I researched our beloved troll nodes here on E2, and I must personally thank theonomist for inspiration. The paper was to be 3-4 pages long, and I managed to meet those requirements.

The troll vigorously defended the chemical industry from the almost outright slander by PBS. The troll, claimed that those workers getting sick and dying were isolated cases and that by documenting the dangers of vinyl chloride, the just and brave chemical industry was protecting their workers . The essay also claimed that by publishing this video, PBS had a liberal agenda to destroy the economy - like the terrorists tried to. It called into question whether Union Carbide even caused the December 1984 leak in India. The troll even stated that campaign finance contribution was a God-given First Amendment right, and PBS was slandering the chemical industry by even questioning that

Today, I logged onto my school's website to check my grades, and lo and behold:

#11 Reaction Paper 20/ 20

Talking to her later, I found out that she absolutely loved my paper, and that she even shared it with her friends. My experiment turns out to be a wild success, and my history teacher doesn't even know what YHBT. YHL. HAND means.