In very little time i will be starting university. I'm both happy and aprehensive about this.

Happy because i will have:

    an education (or more of one, is anyone's education ever really complete?).

Aprehensive because i will:

    miss dinner on most occasions.
    have school work to do at home.
    have to take a 45 min bus ride twice a day (which i already do most days, and do not enjoy).
    spend $5000 on it, of my own money, which leaves me with a need to budget the rest of my money, and i'm bad at that.
    have to balance school and a part time job, which i didn't like the last time i had to do it.

I'm sure i'll be fine, tho. I've already bought most of my books, used, which saved me some cash. And i've started going out less, so i'll save money that way too. All my friends have done fine this past year (i took a year off) so there's really not much to worry about.

Happy Birthday SomethingForNothing!!!!!!