What is going on?

Imvincible Me has a congested head and a sore throat of dark yellow mucus proportions. I went into work yesterday on my day off, but I got so sick in the warehouse between my head and the heat that I went home earlier than planned. I did get much done whule I was there. My associate manager misunderstood my request to move all of the boxed merchandise to the storeroom in the front office and, instead, moved them into the vault. The vault will be open to the public; therefore, storing large boxes in it would be counter-productive. In a little over an hour I moved every box into the proper storeroom. Thank G-d for hand trusses!

I am now the neighborhood parrot trainer. We went over to our neighbor's house for Friday night dinner. They are some very cool and crazy Sephardi Israelis. Over a year ago, the father won a parrot in a hand of poker. He won the cage in the next hand. He no longer plays poker, but he now owns Paco, an unidentified Amazon species. Paco has had two previous owners and shows signs of abuse, as he plucks his feathers, rarely talks as he did at first, and is morbidly afraid of people, especially hands. Paco likes the middle child, a teenage girl, but neither she nor the family know how to go about making friends with the bird. Not wanting to deny myself the chance to be around another parrot, I volunteered to try and help them.

Today we began with speaking to the parrot in soft voices as to calm and reassure him. I brought over a spray for parrots that adds shine to their feathers and makes the feathers healthier, stronger etc. First, I turned off the air vent next to his cage. Between itinerant spraying Samantha and I paid a lot of attention to Paco and talked to him with our hands behind our backs. He almost stepped on her arm, a major improvement, spoke a little, and preened himself. I can't wait for my next visit!

Speaking of which, my parrot has perfected his NPR mumble. My mom leaves the radio on for the parrot during the day, and it is usually set to NPR. Being that the voices are so sedate and sometimes mix in to one another, the parrot has interpretted this into a string of mumbles accentuated by the occaisional variation due to a commentator finishing off an op-ed piece.

Must go now. Eyes are slowly being pushed put of frame. Damned cold.